For years, a young woman keeps a 'cancer diary'. Her profound insights on life turns her ongoing pain into poetry…

About the Film

In 2006, at the age of 25, Rebecca Babcock was diagnosed with genetic colon cancer. She began blogging as a way to come to terms with her ‘new normal’. Out of those blog entries emerged a picture of her struggle. Fighting countless battles with her disease, treatments, surgeries, debt, loneliness, hope and despair, writing was her only outlet. Using her life as a canvas, her poetic words turned her pain into a brutally honest and sometimes harsh look at the realities of having cancer. While her words couldn’t cure her disease, they clearly provided her readers with a completely new outlook on life.

This is not another film about a cancer patient who struggles with the disease, then at the end, either perishes or wins the battle. Rebecca’s approach to her documentation process is completely unique and so are her insights.

I Am a Visitor in Your World  features no interviews. The intention of the film is to be in contact with a different kind of perception. We witness Rebecca’s struggle with cancer first hand, completely raw. We follow her while she fights against a medical system, which penalizes the already penalized patients. We look at the love between her and her mother. In a way, cancer itself seems to play a secondary role in her life.

The film is as much about all of us as it is about Rebecca. What we see is universal…it is a film about love and using art to renew humanity.